Art 165:Art, Medicine & Disability
Spring 2007   MW 2-4
Katherine Sherwood
Office Hours: Monday 4-5pm, 316 Kroeber Hall

JAN. 23                 
Introduction to Class, Review of syllabus. Class requirements

JAN. 28                 
Deaf Visual Culture: James Castle and  Joseph Grigely
“Postcards to Sophie Calle”—Joseph Grigley
Claiming Disability – Simi Linton Discussion

JAN. 30                 
Guest Speaker  Brenda  Brueggemann

FEB. 4                                   
How a cerebral hemorrhage altered my paintings…
“The Master Stroke”- Peter Waldman
“Brain Work: A Meditation on the Painting of Katherine Sherwood”- Georgina Kleege

FEB. 6                 
Tibetan Medical Paintings
Discussion of Studio Projects

FEB. 11                 
Visionary Anatomy
The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down-Anne Fadiman

FEB 13                 
Life & Death: The Egyptian Mummy Portraits, Ghanian coffin tradition & Ethiopian Medicine Scrolls
See the Disasters of War by Francisco Goya at BAM

FEB. 18           
The Black Plague and other Maladies in Western Art                 
“This Is the End of the World” from A Distant Mirror—Barbara Tuchman
“The Decameron” from Art’s Lament.
Studio 1st. Project Due

FEB.  20                 

FEB. 25                 
Toulouse-Lautrec and How the Impressionists Grew Old
Excerpts from Toulouse-Lautrec: A Life-Julia Frey

FEB. 27                 
Frida Kahlo and Chuck Close:  Pillars
“Frida Khalo: The Palette, the Pain, and the Painter”-Hayden Herrera
Excerpts from The Portraits Speak: Chuck Close in Conversation With 27 of his Subjects                 

MAR. 3                  
PWA- David Wojarnowicz, Jerome Caja, Felix Torres-Garcia.
Art from African AIDS
Excerpts from Close to the Knives.—David Wojnarowicz 

MAR. 5                                   
Guest Speaker filmmaker John Killacky
CRIP SHOTS featuring performative portraits of six artists with disabilities including Terry Galloway, Bill Shannon, Chris Hewitt, Judy Smith, Greg Walloch, and Killacky
Exile and Pride, “Freaks and Queers” by Eli Clare 

MAR.  10                   
Disabled  Performance: Bob Flannagan
“Why”—Bob Flannagan
Excerpts from Pain Journal—Bob Flannagan             

MAR. 12                 
Individual Meetings
Outline of Paper Due

MAR. 17                 
Blind at the Museum
Excerpt  from “Dream Museum” and Sight Unseen

MAR. 19                 
Guest Speaker  Neil  Marcus
“The Soul of the Wheelchair” by Neil Marcus
“Neil Marcus in the Emergency Room” Marcy Sheiner
“Is Yours the Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of?”, Neil Marcus
"Special Delivery”, Cynthia Wiseheart

MAR 24-30         Spring Break                 


MAR 31                 
Fighting Cancer -Hannah Wilke, Hollis Siegler, & Robert Arneson
Summer of Her Baldness-Catherine Lord
Cancer Journal- Audre Lord

APRIL 2                 
Psychiatric Illness Displayed: Art Brut 

APRIL 7                  
Final Studio Project Due
(Set up show before hand)
APRIL  9                  

APRIL  14                 
Plastic Surgery as Art
“Carnal Art”—Orlan
“Orlan: The Embodiment of Totality?”-Julian Zugazagoitia
“Orlan Interviewed”-Hans Ulrich Obrist
“Dr. Daedalus”—Lauren Slater  

APRIL 16          
Gen Art Movement/ Bio-Art & Critical Art Ensemble
“Pink Mice and Petri Dishes: Artists  Contemplate Biotechnology”—Ronald Bailey
“Transgenic Art”—Eduardo Kac
“The Celebrity Freak”—David Yuan  

APRIL 21                 
Riva Lehrer 
Guest Speaker- Sunny Taylor

APRIL 23                 
Emma Kunz
Guest Speaker - Mat Fraser
Paper due
APRIL 28                  
Jill Scott and the Developmental Disabilities Art Movement
Intern Presentations                 

APRIL 30                 
Facing Death-Wendy Sussman, Goya and Mark Rothko
Interview with Wendy Sussman- Richard Whittaker
Excerpts from Mark Rothko: A Biography—James Breslin

MAY  5                                   
Final Presentations

MAY 7                                   
Final Presentations

Course Requirements:
Attendance- if you miss 3 classes your grade will drop one letter grade, 3 tardies= 1 absence
Participation in Discussion Groups (all readings and assignments must be completed)
Mid-Term Project- due Feb. 20th
Final Project- due April 7th

Paper- 8 pgs. if you are taking the class for art history credit, 5 pgs. if not.. – due April 23

Required Texts:
Reader will be available at the first class
The Spirit Catches  You and You Fall Down  Anne Fadiman

 You have a choice between doing an internship or a studio project .
INTERNSHIP - An internship (approximately 4 - 6 hours a week) at either the National Institute of Art and Disabilities in Richmond, Creativity Explored in San Francisco or the Creative Growth Art Center in Oakland is available to our students. If you do the internship, you will automatically fulfill the mid-term and final project requirements. You will give a summation of your experiences at the art center at the end of the class.

STUDIO  PROJECTS- You can choose to do  at least  two works, any media, based  on the Tibetan Medical Paintings.  These will be due Feb. 20th,  and will be part of an exhibition on the third floor.  A final project can be anything related to art & medicine or art & disability and is due on April 7th for an exhibition on the first and third floors of Kroeber.
The studio project students will meet every other Monday at 3.